Current Renewables

There’s never been a better time to GO SOLAR! As a participating contractor in Go! Solar, a Gorge-wide, community-based solarize initiative, we are working to increase the number of residential solar electricity systems in Hood River, Wasco, Skamania and Klickitat counties. By partnering with Gorge Owned and local suppliers, we are making solar installation easy and at an unbeatable price! On top of state, federal and local incentives, GO! Solar reduces total project cost by up to 20%! Visit the Go! Solar website for details about the February 2015 launch activites.

Is Oregon sunny enough for solar?

Yes! Solar is Oregon’s most abundant renewable resource. Even Portland and the Willamette Valley receive as much sunshine annually as the average U.S. city. More than 17,000 Oregon households use solar energy systems to generate electricity or heat water.

Is your house good for solar?

Solar works best on south-facing roof, but east or west oriented roofs may be suitable as well. There should be little or no shading from trees, buildings, chimneys or roof gables on or adjacent to your home. Remember, locations with no shading in winter may be shaded by spring and summer foliage.

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