Our Services
Green Home Construction is a full service General Contractor servicing the Mid-Columbia Gorge area, specializing in high-efficiency residential, commercial and light industrial structures. We believe in combining the high-level project management systems you'd find at big commercial firms, with the attention to detail and personal commitment of working with a small, dedicated company.


We understand how buildings function as a system. Our knowledgeable team works to create truly integrated structures where architectural design, wall and roof assemblies, mechanical systems and interiors work in concert. Having a contractor who understands the appropriateness and relative initial costs of differing building systems, available incentives, and post-construction operational costs allows our clients to maximize their construction budgets. Our knowledgeable base benefits our clients with high value outcomes.

Our buildings are built beyond code minimum requirements and utilize "best practice" building techniques, including:

true, fully vented rain screen siding assemblies
structured sealant joints
energy efficient wall and roof framing system coupled with tight, durable building envelopes

Our project managers and site foremen are trained and employ the latest and best building science principles throughout the project, ensuring that everything we build functions as an efficient, healthy and comfortable space.

Depending on the design and budget, the wall and roof system is tailored to fit each project. We build with locally produced elements including: fully recycled Faswall block insulated concrete forms (ICF), or "advanced" framed walls with FSC certified framing lumber. We employ the judicious use of foam as exterior insulation and when using structural insulated panels (SIPs) as roofing systems. With in-house team members specializing in framing, radiant and forced-air HVAC, insulation and air-sealing, exterior building cladding systems, roofing, renewable energy systems and finish carpentry, it is not uncommon to have ten Green Home field staff working on different aspects of a project simultaneously.

  • Residential Construction

    We treat every home as if it were our own. Your home is both an investment and a sanctuary. We use value-driven strategies to create lasting, healthy and beautiful spaces tailored to our clients budgets. Green Home Construction can help you attain a variety of 3rd party certifications including Energy Star, EPS, Earth Advantage, Passive House or LEED for home. Whether it is new construction or a remodel, we can guide you through the process and help make the experience more fun and less stressful.

  • Commercial Construction

    While "home" is at the center of Green Home Construction, our background lies in commercial construction. We are bonded and insured to work on commercial buildings up to 40' in height. Our professional project management skills, staffing levels and building knowledge translate to the light commercial sector. As such, we are bonded and insured to work on commercial buildings up to 40' tall.


    Efficient and lasting construction is a natural fit for wineries. Vintners and winery owners understand the importance of managing their impacts on the local environment, ensuring stable temperatures and controlling long-term operating costs. We've successfully worked with both Viento Wines and Analemma Wines to create efficient buildings with beautiful retail environments.

We offer a full line of design services to help you build a sustainable home or make your existing home more sustainable.

We believe that a truly balanced design can be felt as well as seen. A design that is in tune with it's surrounding, achieves it's intentions and is within budget is the true goal of every design project.

From pencil sketches to 3D computer models, design ideas are explored, budgeted and refined, during an interactive and collaborative process. Our in-house licensed architect participates from initial design conception through the completion of construction. After the "blue prints" are complete and construction begins, our in-house architect continues to support the project. Construction details are sent into the field with the crews and design support is offered to our clients, including assistance with selecting materials, finishes and architectural detailing. Design deserves it's own advocate.


Renewable energy is getting more efficient and user friendly every day. We offer a variety of renewable energy options to help your home achieve super energy efficiency. We can provide an efficient plan for your remodel or new construction and we often design projects to allow for future installation of additional renewable energy upgrades.

Currently we offer Solar, Wind, and Geothermal renewable energy systems, including Solar applications in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. Many renewable energy upgrades are being offered with substantial tax credits. We will provide and complete all necessary paper work to maximize your tax advantage.

Solar hot water and solar electric systems are the two most common solar technologies that you can add to your home. Solar water heaters preheat the water that goes into your existing water heat, which saves you energy and money by reducing the amount of gas or electricity your water heater consumes. Solar electric systems, also called photovoltaics or PV, generate electricity that can be used throughout your home, reducing the amount of electricity you need to purchase from your power company.

We offer a FREE Solar Site Analysis to determine the Solar potential of your home or property and are As a participating contractor in Go! Solar. Contact Andrew McWilliams to schedule a free site analysis and receive information about PV or Solar Thermal Systems, mounting options, cash incentives and state and federal tax credits.

"It was great having Green Home Solar install our system. We are enjoying the benefits of reduced energy bills and enjoy producing renewable energy from our roof!" - Sara Snyder, Hood River

"Adding solar electricity production to our home has been one of the best things we've done. Having Green Home Solar design and install the system couldn't have been easier." - Jason Smith, Hood River

If your home was built before 1978, the existing paint may contain lead which requires specialized preparation work. This work is regulated by the US EPA, administered and enforced by the CCB during a repainting project.

We are a Certified Lead-Based Paint Renovation Contractor. Serving the Columbia Gorge, we work with homeowners and house painters to plan, execute, and document lead-safe paint prep projects. As required by the EPA, we keep project records on file for three years.

After the house has been prepped for painting by a Certified Lead-Based Paint Renovation Contractor, you may paint the house yourself, or work with any painter. You or your painting contractor WILL NOT have to work under the Lead-Based Paint rules.

Contact Laura Klement to discuss your project and receive additional information about our Lead-Based Paint Prep Program:

Green Home Construction, a Home Performance Contractor, offers weatherization services to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient.

Many homeowners are increasing the energy efficiency of their current homes in order to lower their operating costs while improving the comfort level of their home. Using sophisticated diagnostic tools to check your home for air leaks, duct leaks and to monitor the current performance of your heating and cooling system, Green Home Construction is trained to implement proven weatherization remedies and provides all necessary paperwork to maximize your tax writeoffs.

As a Trade Ally of the Energy Trust of Oregon, we can help with cash incentives and state energy tax credits to improve the energy efficiency of your home. We begin with a home audit and once the analysis is complete we can advise you on which energy upgrades will give you the most value and help you apply for all tax credits.

Save up to 30% on energy costs with Energy Trust of Oregon cash incentives. Schedule a FREE site analysis and start saving money today!

These services offer the quickest return on investment and, depending on your location, are eligible for Energy Trust incentives. To learn more about these services and schedule a diagnostic test contact Green Home Construction.

"Thanks again for everything you do for the individuals in our communities and for being such a trusted, high-quality outfit!" - Northern Wasco County PUD

"The day the Green Machine truck pulled up and all the wonderful crew from Green Home filed out, introduced themselves, then did a walk-through with a game plan, it felt like we were being rescued...Now our home is insulated, with new windows, doors and...our worries and frustrations with keeping warm in the winter and even cool in the summer are over and new we can focus on other things. Thank you so much to everyone that helped us through this process..." - Amelia Hinch & Family, The Dalles

"The weatherization work on my home has made a noticeable difference in regards to heat retention. Another observation is an almost soundproofing effct. I have also noticed the disappearance of cold spots and drafts. I am looking forward to how cool the house will be this summer...The work so far has been absolutely amazing." - Cynthia Graham, The Dalles